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Recreational Program

* Ages 6 + Rec Classes are designed for learning FUNdamentals, skills, as our youngest Rec Skippers play games & learn jump rope classic songs.

* Older beginner skippers & advancing Rec skippers progress through our CANSKIP Badge Program Levels 1-6, at their own pace, potentially with sights on Demo & Comp Teams, or simply enjoy Rec Classes for the fun fitness!

* Ages 16 + Skip 2 B Fit Class. Adult’s & Parents Class Parents - no need to sit on the sidelines, watching your child’s sport- Skip 2 B Fit, is offered at the same time as the kids’ Rec Classes.


All Ages! - SkipTime Recreational Jump Rope class are also a fun, cross-training complement to another sport of choice; Jumping rope increases agility, strength, & fitness level, required in all other sports. We have been joined by kids, teens & adults active in football, gymnastics, boxing, biathlon, and softball, choosing Recreational Jump Rope Classes, as a complement to their Sport!


Our kids recreation classes follow the CANSKip Program, Canada’s national rope skipping skill development program, including single rope and long rope/ double dutch skills. The program allows skippers to progress individually from basic skills to more complicated tricks. It also sets up the athlete to move into competitive skipping if interested.

Get ready for fun! CANSkip 1-3 offers -High energy games, partner and team skipping, and individual tricks are used to teach focused jump rope skills, coordination, power, rhythm, fitness development and teamwork. CANSkip Level 1-3 focuses on the basics of individual rope skipping, long rope, partner skipping, and double dutch will be introduced. Come join us and see why jump rope is one of the most fun and dynamic sports for kids!

Get ready to sweat! CANSkip 4 -6 offers - High energy games, double dutch skipping, partner skipping and individual tricks are used to teach focused jump rope skills, coordination, power, rhythm, fitness development and teamwork. CANSkip challenges students to learn additional rhythm and footwork, arm-work, and multi-under skills. Join this super fun class as we learn double dutch tricks, intermediate partner skills like Chinese wheel & much more.

Demo Team

SkipTime Demo Team is our Performance Group, comprised of keen, advancing Recreational Skippers & Competitive Team athletes. For Rec skipping seeking further challenge, Demo is a fun increase in commitment and serves a foundation for advancing into our Comp Program. In Demo, Rec & Comp skippers work together, preparing for community performances. 

Demo is a fun progression in the Sport, from Rec Class's basic skills development & FUN-damentals to Demo Team, where they are Practicing-to-Share, considered our Training-to-Train stage of Sports Development. In joining Demo Team, we encourage continued involvement in other sports.


Demo is a full year commitment, with September entry only. New Demo skippers are required to & will need to practice and learn our common group routines to participate in the shows.  Demo Skippers must be concurrently registered in Rec or Comp skills building programs.


Please inquire for more Demo Program information.

Check out our Demo Page for past performances. 


Competitive Team

Our competitive program is a great opportunity to advance technical skill, fitness, performance, personal accomplishment & personal growth. It is also a great way to meet friends, work together in a team environment. Our competitive team is comprised of two streams, with varying team commitment requirements: Part-time Comp and Full-time Competitive (Comp). The two streams have been developed to align with Long Term Athlete Development principles.


Pre-requisite: Skippers who have Masterfully Completed CANSkip Level 4 or with Coach Recommendation and Head Coach invitation, can move to the Competitive Program:

Part-time Comp includes: New competitive skippers and Competitive skippers, looking to decrease their commitment level. The amount of practice time involved is less than that of the Competitive group, enabling this group the opportunity to cross train (participate in other sports!) and ultimately reduce the potential for injury at a younger age.

Part-time Comp skippers will have designated coaches and they will practice 50% of their practice time with the competitive team and their coaching staff to improve skill development and team cohesiveness.

* Train 2 hrs/week (overlapping times with comp program for mentoring)

* participation in Alberta Competitions is optional.

* encouraged to participate in the demo & cross training

* Program runs September – April (ending the session at Alberta Provincials)


* Train 4 hrs/week (plus optional cross-training & demo team)

* Team participation at Provincial is required

* Nationals & Worlds Competition (optional & upon Provincial placement)

* Program runs September – May (ending season at Canadian Nationals -may long weekend).


SkipTime Teams train to compete at all levels of competition: Provincials, Nationals, & Worlds.


Many of our Comp Skippers have enjoyed sharing and learning jump rope & gymnastics with other clubs, including: Summer Camp hosted by Hot Dog U.S.A Seattle, Washington & U.S.A. Worlds Orlando Workshops!

Comp Programs are a full year commitment & September entry only. Parent volunteer participation is required.

Previous enrolment in recreation classes are mandatory in order to register for the competitive program. If your child has prior formal skipping experience, please contact for program placement assessment.

For more information regarding the progression to SkipTime Competitive Programs, please email us.

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