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Our Coaches

Head Coaches


Kristi has had many roles over the last 6 years with Skip Time as a board member, volunteer, judge and coach. This will be her second year as head coach followed by two years of mentorship and training from our previous head coach. In addition to all the coaching credentials required by Rope Skipping Canada, Kristi has enrolled in various coaching courses over the last year to further her knowledge as a coach and mentor. Although it’s not her day job, something you might not know about Kristi is that she holds a diploma in Leisure Services – Recreation Therapy, which has aided in her ability to run a structured and engaging program in the competitive gym. Following the Long Term Athlete Development (LTDA)principals, her approachable and friendly coaching style has created a space for fun, fitness, sportsmanship and teamwork while still maintaining a competitive environment.


Julianna has been on the SkipTime board and/or coaching SkipTime’s programs for the past 9 years.  She has her NCCP and first responder accreditation and has been assistant coach and is now head coach of the demonstration program. Her day job is physiotherapy, so she enjoys the cross training and developmental aspect of the demonstration program.  She promotes  volunteerism and role modelling within the demonstration program and promoting jump rope as sport and part of an economical healthy lifestyle through community and school performances.

Skipping Coaches 


Jordon has been a part of the skipping community since she was 11 years old and has competed and coached at both provincial and national levels.

"I love being a coach in the competitive gym, as I find it very rewarding to give back to the sport and my team. I love being able to push my athletes to be the best version of themselves and to help them see the benefit of not only the physical side of the sport, but also the social side and the friendships they make. Jump rope is such a unique and exciting sport and can be so rewarding when you put the effort in. I have had so many amazing experiences through jump rope, like being able to travel to different places and meet people who have the same love for the sport that I do. I hope to continue to help the sport of jump rope grow and to remain a part of community as it continues to grow and move forward."

Outside of skipping, Jordon has a huge passion for her career as a paramedic and finds it both rewarding and challenging.


Cheyenne has been involved with jump rope for 11 year and was a part of starting the original Skip Time club. She competed for about 7 years at a provincial and national level. 


Now with a Hospitality Management degree, her goal is to be an event coordinator one day but is very honoured this year to take on the role as head coach for Skip Time’s junior competitive program. "I have always been passionate about jump rope, growing up with the sport helped her develop into who she is today. “All my best and closest friends were met through skipping and to this day I know they will always be more of a family than anything. That’s the best part about jump rope, the community is so close and amazing, that’s what makes going to competitions and workshops so much fun. I find it very rewarding working with kids and coaching them to learn skills. I want to share my knowledge and experience with kids as they learn and grow with the sport while having as much fun as I did.  It’s going to be a great season!!"


Jenna has been competing in the sport of rope skipping for 10 years and has coached for 8 of those! She has always loved coaching all levels and ages of athletes locally and across Canada. She is currently an Assistant Coach in the competitive program and Head Coach of the recreational program while continuing to compete as a skipper as well. Jenna has competed provincially, nationally and internationally. A highlight of her competing years was representing Canada at the FISAC/IRSF World Championship in Shanghai, China in 2018. Jenna and her previous team are the two time reigning National Champions and hold many of the Rope Skipping Alberta speed and power records. Jenna loves the fact that skipping requires a high level of fitness and coordination, while still allowing for creativity through freestyle choreography and also provides the opportunity to work together on a small team within a friendly, supportive and welcoming sport. Jenna is currently in her second year of studies at the University of Calgary in the Faculty of Kinesiology majoring in Exercise and Health Physiology. She intends to continue her educational studies to attain her Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree


Sophie has been jumping competitively for over 10 years. She has competed provincially, nationally and internationally in masters and team competition. Sophie and her teammates hold many Alberta speed records, and were two-time national champions overall at the past two national competitions. She earned a second-place grand national award for her individual freestyle at Nationals 2017. In 2018, Sophie and her team went to China to compete in the FISAC/IRSF international competition representing Canada. She has been coaching for the recreation and competitive programs for years and is currently an assistant coach for our competitive team. Sophie is a second-year student currently attending University of Calgary, majoring in Visual Studies. 

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