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  • I want my child to be physically active in her extracurricular activites. She loves jump rope, but will she get a workout? "
    Definitely! Research shows that 10 minutes of jump rope is as effective as 30 minutes of jogging. Jump rope optimizes cardiovascular conditioning and maximizes athletic skills combining agility, coordination, timing, and endurance. It tones muscles in the entire body, developing long, lean muscles in all major muscle groups, both upper and lower. It can burn up to 1000 calories per hour. To see for yourself, pick up a jump rope and try jumping for 5 minutes. You'll soon see why so many athletes, like boxers, football players, soccer players and basketball players, jump rope to cross train!
  • What is the format of a typical Skip Time Class?
    All classes begin with warm-up activities and stretching and end with cool down activities and stretching. Class content varies from week to week and may include learning and practicing individual skills, routines to music, skipping songs, partner skipping like Chinese Wheel, long rope games and routines, and double dutch.
  • What equipment is needed for a Skip Time Class?
    Students must have proper shoes. This cannot be stressed enough. As with running, repetitive jumping can be very hard on the joints. Proper cushioning shoes are necessary to avoid injury. Cross-trainers work the best because they have cushioning at the toe end of the soles, but properly fitted running shoes work well too. Students should wear athletic wear, typically a t-shirt and shorts, so they can move freely and don't overheat. Long yoga pants should be avoided because they can get caught by the rope. A proper individual jump rope, labelled with the student's name, must be brought to class. A proper jump rope can be purchased through Skip Time or from another store. We highly recommend the freestyle jump rope. Keep in mind that poor quality plastic ropes (like the ones purchased from dollar stores) will not last. Look for a good quality jump rope with long plastic handles. The long handles make certain jump rope skills easier. Jump ropes will be properly sized the first day of class. Partner skipping ropes, long ropes and double dutch ropes will be provided in class. We don't provide students with skipping ropes because the size is specific to the individual.
  • I have heard there are provincial and national jump rope competitions. Will my child have the opportunity to compete?
    Competitions are a great opportunity for advancing skippers to challenge themselves, to work individually and in teams to achieve goals, and to gain valuable life experience. Please refer to our Competiton Page for Demo Team & Competitive Team prerequisites.
  • Can my child take a class even though he or she has no jump rope experience?
    Yes. Classes are intended for beginner to intermediate students. Students will be given extra help for each skill, and more drills and repetitions based on need. They will also be given skills to practice at home to help them learn more rapidly. Jump rope is a sport that can be learned quickly if it is practiced. Every child will be able to greatly improve their skills, fitness and coordination.
  • My child has taken jump rope classes before and is concerned the class will be too easy. What will be done to ensure they continue to learn and advance in the sport?
    Our instructors will teach more difficult skills to students that are more advanced, because of previous experience or natural ability, so as to keep them interested and progressing in the sport. Advanced students will also have the opportunity to demonstrate and teach skills to other students. This is a great opportunity to develop teaching skills, leadership, and confidence.
  • What are the coaches' qualifications, experiences, and training?"
    Our Recreational Program has an adult in the gym, as Head Coach. Senior Coaches are past National & worlds level athletes. Rope Skipping Alberta requires coaches training for all coaches. Junior coaches are volunteer helpers, giving back to the sport, athletes from our competitive program (ages 12-15). All Coaches have been trained by Skip Time and have either competitive jump rope experience or competitive experience in related sports. Management works closely with all coaches and students to ensure that students receive high quality instruction.
  • Is Skip Time a drop-off program?
    Parents are welcome to stay & watch or drop off - Either way, we do require that your child is Signed In. If dropping off, please return prior to class ending, other programs (soccer) enter the gym immedately after our program. We must exit the gym promptly as a courtesy to other program's start time. If parent's are staying to watch, please keep younger siblings in the designated seating area.
  • Is jump rope only for girls?
    No. Jump rope is very popular with boys as well. In North America, many boys jump rope with recreational and competitive teams but even more use jump rope as cross training for sports such as hockey, basketball, soccer, football, boxing and wrestling.
  • What safety measures/precautions are implemented into the Skip Time program?
    Safety is a key consideration in selecting Skip Time facilities. Students are always supervised. All senior coaches are certified in CPR and First Aid and have undergone police clearances for working with children (vulnerable sector screens).
  • What is the refund policy after I have registered for a class?
    If the student is unable to continue the program then 2 weeks notice must be given in writing to Skip Time. The refund is prorated based on the number of remaining weeks left after the 2 week notice period. An administration fee of $25 can be subtracted from the refund.
  • My child has a severe nut allergy. Do you allow nuts in the class?
    No, in fact we don't allow any food to be brought in the class. Students should bring a water bottle to class but must eat either before or after class time. This is to ensure we maintain a safe environment for everyone.
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