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Competitive Team

Our competitive program is a great opportunity to advance technical skills, fitness, performance and personal accomplishment.  It is also a great way to meet friends, work together in a team environment and to have fun!  Our competitive group trains to compete at provincial level events throughout Alberta and at the National level.  Commitment and dedication to attending class, practicing at home, and attending competitions is required.  Parent volunteer work is also required.  Our competitive program runs from September - May. Previous enrollment in recreation classes are mandatory in order to register for the competitive program. For more information on the competitive program, please email us.

Demo & Comp Team Prerequisites

Demo Team 

1. Masterfully Completed CANSkip Level 3, 

2. Demo Coach Invitation. 

Demo Team is a full year commitment and skippers must concurrently register in a skills building program: REC (Fall, Winter, Spring sessions) or COMP Program.

Note: Demo Team is a Prerequisite for the Competitive Programs


Junior Comp 

1. Masterfully Completed CANSkip Level 4 & Demo Team,    

2. Competitive Head Coach Invitation.

 Note: Junior Comp  is also suitable for Comp Skippers wanting to reduce Competitive Program commitment. 


Competitive (Comp)

1. Masterfully Completed CANSkip Level 6,

2. Competitive Head Coach Invitation 


 Demo Team and Comp Programs are a Full-year commitment (September entry only).

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