Welcome to Skip Time

Skip Time is a Calgary based jump rope program for children 6+ years old. Children are coached on individual rope skipping skills, partner skipping, long rope, and double dutch. At Skip Time, we emphasize fun, fitness for life, self-esteem, leadership, personal accomplishment and teamwork. 

Check back in June for Fall class schedules

New for Spring Session: 

- Beginner Adult Class, SKIP 2 B Fit;

 - CANSkip Level 4-6 now offered Monday & Wednesday! 

Check out SkipTime Demo on Stage @ Calaway Park - Saturday, May 27th! 

Book a Workshop or Demo with SkipTime Competitive Skippers  - Email to Inquire 

Workshops/Demos include: - Girl Guides Workshops, Ivviva Sweaty Sunday, U of C Dinos Half Time Show, School Demonstration, Children's Hospital Stampede Parade, Stampede Prelude Parade, Stampede Grandstand Show.



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